Public Housing Online Application

 *Application must be printed on one side of paper only;
do not print on front and back.

Online Application for Housing - in English

Aplicación para la Asistencia de Vivienda - en Español

The Franklin County Housing Authority Public Housing program has recently updated our local application preferences in order to align with our local housing needs and priorities.  We are in the process of updating them within the online application.  Until then, please note that FCHA has the current following preferences:

1. Local Preference (1 Point) - in order to provide housing to families who live or work in Franklin County, any household where the head, spouse, or co-head currently lives in or works within Franklin County.

2. Working/Elderly/Disabled (1 Point) - households are eligible for the working/elderly/disabled preference if the head, spouse, or co-head is;
a. Working - employed for at least 30 hours per week over a 12-month period;
b. Elderly - at least 62 years or older
c. Disabled - a person with disabilities

3. Veterans Preference (1 Point) - households are eligible for the veterans preference if the head, spouse, or co-head is an active service member, a retired service member, or is the surviving household member of a deceased service member.  (A copy of the Veteran's Department of Defense Form DD214 must be submitted to verify the veteran preference). 

4. Victim of Domestic Violence (1 point) – families that have been subjected to or victimized by a member of the family or household within the past 6 months.  The FCHA will require evidence that the family has been displaced as a result of fleeing violence in the home.  Families are also eligible for this preference if there is proof that the family is currently living in a situation where they are being subjected to or victimized by violence in the home.

5. Homeless Preference (1 point) – families are eligible for the homeless preference if they lack a fixed, regular, or adequate nighttime residence. To verify this preference, you must provide a certification from a publicly or privately-operated shelter or 211 (Franklin County Information & Referral or proof you are receiving temporary help from a state, local or federal agency..

You will be prompted to print consent forms during the online application.  If you miss this step, please print the form below:

Consent Form
Formulario de consentimiento - en Español