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The Housing Authority of the County of Franklin was organized in 1951 after the Board of County Commissioners realized the need for safe and sanitary dwellings for low income families in the County of Franklin. The original office of The Housing Authority of the County of Franklin was located at 43 East Main Street in Waynesboro, PA. In March 1952, the first Executive Director was hired.


In 1952, the Housing Authority began work on its first development, Mount Vernon Terrace in Waynesboro, to house 80 families.


In 1959, the Burgess and Town Council of the Borough of Chambersburg declared the existence of a need for low-rent housing in the Borough of Chambersburg. The Housing Authority of the County of Franklin filed an application with the Public Housing Administration of the United States for reservation of low-rent public housing of 150 units for the Borough of Chambersburg.


Construction began for low-rent housing in Chambersburg in 1962. The original office building in Chambersburg was situated at 290 West Washington Street and built in 1963. Low-rent housing was constructed in Waynesboro on Elder Avenue and Hawbaker Avenue in 1968.


More housing in Chambersburg followed in 1969, along with the construction of the community center.


The current office at 436 West Washington Street was built in 1994, and later expanded in 2002. The office staff worked out of the community center building during the expansion.


In the early 1980’s, the Section 8 program was added to provide assistance with housing in the Franklin County area. There were around 30 vouchers at that time. Today, Section 8 holds 318 vouchers, 5 VASH vouchers, 62 Mainstream vouchers, and 12 Bridge Rental Assistance Subsidy vouchers.


In 2002, Valley Community Housing Corporation (VCHC) was formed in conjunction with Franklin County Housing Authority to develop affordable homes in Franklin County. The first development for VCHC was Valley Terrace in Waynesboro in 2004. Sunset Terrace in Chambersburg was built in 2007, followed by Redwood Court Apartments in Chambersburg in 2009. Wayne Gardens in Waynesboro was built in 2014. Renovations to the original Mount Vernon Terrace began in 2016. In the fall of 2017, VCHC and FCHA split and VCHC became Luminest, tax credits.


Franklin County Housing Authority currently has a total of 364 apartments in Chambersburg and Waynesboro, and a total of 397 Section 8 vouchers.

The Franklin County Housing Authority is made up of four developments. Meadow Creek Manor is located in Chambersburg and is home to our elderly and family communities. Meadow Creek 1 is made up of 99 units for our elderly and disabled. Meadow Creek 2 is made up of 146 units for our families. First Start Partnership and Head Start are located in Meadow Creek Manor's development since 2018. 


Village Green is located in Waynesboro and is home to our elderly community. Valley View Village is also located in Waynesboro and is home to our family community. Village Green is made up of 59 units for our elderly and disabled. Valley View Village is made up of 60 units for our families.

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