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Section 8 Mainstream Application

We are NOT accepting applications for the regular Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program. That waitlist is currently CLOSED. The Section 8 Mainstream Voucher program waitlist is open!

All three of the following requirements MUST be met to be eligible to apply for Mainstream:

- Must be under the age of 62

- Someone over the age of 18 must be disabled

- Must be homeless, at risk of being homeless, institutionalized, or at risk of being institutionalized (need written proof of this requirement, including but not limited to a written statement, eviction letter, Notice to Quit, statement from homeless shelter, a statement from the person you are living with.)

The family’s preliminary eligibility is determined upon receipt of the completed application and after a criminal history and a prior subsidized housing check have been done.

Must include birth certificates and social security cards for all members of the household and photo IDs for all adults.

You can email completed application to Jessica Runshaw at or drop it off at one of our office locations.

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